"Joanie's calm and considerate attention to our organizational challenges has made a positive difference in our home."

-Becky, Empty Nester

"I am saying 'No' to some of these old projects so there is room in my life to say 'Yes' to new ones that feed my spirit now. I would never have made this much progress by myself. Thank you so much for your help, Joanie."  

-Susan, Crafter

"Joanie helped me more than she even knows. Aside from the physical assistance, she stabilized my emotional state."

-Andrea, Exhausted Caretaker of Ill Parent

"Looking at my daughter's underwear, sock and jammie drawer I suddenly exclaimed, 'I need drawer organizers!" Words I am pretty sure I have never uttered before. #joanie in my head"  

-Tricia, Mother of Two Young Children


"Having recently moved to the KC area, I was feeling overwhelmed with finding a place for everything, and keeping those places organized...I asked for some time with [Joanie] as a birthday gift from my family...this was the BEST gift I have ever received! She is so warm, caring, creative, efficient, and just a joy to work with. We got so much more accomplished than we had originally planned, which was just the icing on the cake. Honestly, I don't think you can put a value on the time she spends with you; she also gave me tips for keeping things organized in other spaces that we didn't go through together, hauled off all my donations, and gave me some additional resources for items I was unsure of. I can't recommend her highly enough! Joanie, you are a GENIUS and an ARTIST!" -Emily, Recently Relocated

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