Life Transition + Home Transition = A New You
When we move into a new life stage, our home needs to be adapted to support our new interests and activities. Keeping everything from previous chapters of our story makes us feel suffocated, constricted, stressed and exhausted. Letting go of items that won't fit our new life stage is exciting and energizing!
The "Let's Get Started" Session

It all begins with a conversation in your home…

This free one-hour consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, get clarity on what you want to accomplish and discuss your biggest challenges to organization. We'll also:

  • Address your uncertainties and concerns

  • Explore how changes to your space will improve your daily life, increase your energy and bring you joy

  • Develop a personalized plan to get you where you want to be

You will feel excited and hopeful that your home truly can become a haven that nurtures your spirit and creativity.
By Your Side From Start to Finish

Accomplishing your goals is easier with our objective, hands-on assistance...

Our targeted questions and ideas of new ways to think about your belongings will empower you to let go of anything that won't fit your new phase of life.

We'll set up systems based on your lifestyle and personality so you can maintain your home organization long after our work together is done. Joanie Will:

  • Motivate and Encourage You

  • Guide You and Provide Resources for You

  • Keep You Focused and Moving Forward

All Things Organized believes transforming your space will transform your entire life...

We help you look at the mental blocks that have led you to this cluttered and disorganized place

and coach you through addressing those underlying issues.

Changing your mindset increases the odds that our hands-on work together

will be a lasting cure rather than a temporary bandage over the problem.

"Having recently moved to the KC area, I was feeling overwhelmed with finding a place for everything, and keeping those places organized...I asked for some time with [Joanie] as a birthday gift from my family...this was the BEST gift I have ever received! She is so warm, caring, creative, efficient, and just a joy to work with. We got so much more accomplished than we had originally planned, which was just the icing on the cake. Honestly, I don't think you can put a value on the time she spends with you; she also gave me tips for keeping things organized in other spaces that we didn't go through together, hauled off all my donations, and gave me some additional resources for items I was unsure of. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Joanie, you are a GENIUS and an ARTIST!"

-Emily, Recently Relocated

Give the Gift of Organization

Do you know someone who wants more organization but hasn’t been able to make it happen alone?

Give them the gift of All Things Organized!

Call us to discuss Gift Certification options to fit any situation, 913-390-3432

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