What's holding you back? How Annie rediscovered her creativity through organization.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Dream it. Wish it. Organize it.

Sometimes life just gets overwhelming — curve balls get thrown at us, placing demands on our time and energy that prevent us from keeping an organized home. When that happens the clutter and disorganization increases stress, decreases energy and generally puts us in a bad mood. This was the situation that led Annie to call me.

Annie's Story

She and her husband had lived in their home for a year or so when we met. Her mother, suffering from Lewy Body Dementia and bipolar tendencies, lived with them and they took turns as her caregivers while continuing to work full time jobs. Mother and daughter used to be best friends; now Mom is mean and hateful. Annie used to be very organized (she alphabetized her socks by color!); now she felt this perfectionism was holding her back from attempting any sense of order in her home. The intensity of caring for a patient with dementia—coupled with feeling unsettled in their messy home—led both Annie and her husband to become depressed and anxious.

Make a Plan

In our “Let’s Get Started” session Annie gave me a tour of her home and shared her vision for decorating and using each room. Annie’s budget for paid assistance was tight so we established her priorities, separating the tasks into things she could do on her own versus what would be better managed with me on hand. We set a date for a four-hour session in her garage.

Create Space

The garage is over-sized and partially climate-controlled. Annie wanted to create a crafting space where she could escape the stress of caregiving and nurture her creative side. Together we sorted box after box after box and emptied two large shelving units. We organized all her craft supplies on one of the freshly emptied shelving units and arranged books on a small bookcase next to a large work table. We filled one storage tub with keepsakes and designated a few tubs for Christmas decorations. At the end of the session I drove away in a van FULL of items Annie had chosen to donate!

Feel Energized

It’s important that the systems I help clients establish work for them when put to the test of day-to-day life. It was thrilling to hear happy news when I talked to Annie a few weeks later! Not only did she feel energized from being creative in her new crafting space, she had been motivated to begin organizing other areas of her home. She told me, “You helped me more than you know. Not just the physical help — you helped me get emotionally stabilized.”

There’s no shame in needing some help with life and home organization. Sometimes just one tiny little boost from a pal can turn your life around! Do you want to talk about what is weighing you down or holding you back? I'm here to help.

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