ScrapsKC Saves the Day

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

ScrapsKC's Mission Statement: "Our work transforms our environment, enhances learning and renews the homeless. Learn how we care for our Kansas City community." This company is located in the West Bottoms of KCMO and uses your cast-offs to teach creativity, to help teachers and to lift up the homeless. Do you have any of these items in your home that you can donate? Get details on how at

Natural Corks Extra party goods Colorful lids Wire bag twists (unused) Notepads School supplies Fast food meal toys Pencils Junk drawer items File folders Pens/markers Fabric (6″ or larger) Sewing items Knitting needles Yarn Paint canvasses Maps Globes

Embroidery floss Magnets (broken, ok) Scissors Tape (partial, ok) Empty tape cores Games (missing pieces, ok) Records Soda pop tops Colorful bottle caps Nuts, bolts, metal hardware Ribbon Mason jars Left over art supplies Puzzles Candles Tissue paper Wrapping paper Jewelry Clothes pins

Plastic skirt hangers Stickers Crayons Buttons Goody bag toys Sheet music Baby food containers Felt Zipper baggies Beads Tongue depressors Florist beads/marbles Stamps Stamp pads Playing cards Craft stash Small plastic action figures & animals Paint

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