People Are Coming Over: Quick, Hide the Clutter!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The biggest family holiday in America is almost here!

I know the secrets you don't want your guests to discover--those piles of papers on your counter tops and the hodgepodge of who-knows-what in the spare bedroom. You are rushed and stressed and your instinct is to hide everything as quickly as possible, right? WAIT!!! I totally understand there isn't time to sort and purge and organize properly before you have to start cooking, but you can be organized about your disorganization.

Instead of blindly sweeping the papers off all horizontal surfaces into the nearest laundry basket, be strategic. Use smaller containers (even grocery bags are okay) and label each one as to where in your home those papers had been sitting. Quickly glance at the papers as they go into the container and put bills or other time-sensitive items on top of the pile so they are easy to find as soon as your celebrations come to an end.

Use the same basic approach for non-paper clutter, as well. Categorize items as you contain and hide them. You can separate things according to the area of the home they came from, or by type (clothing, crafts, travel, etc), or by urgency of need to deal with them (merchandise to return vs photographs to sort.) Putting categories together will take a bit more time, but will make it so much easier to face the hidden objects after your guests go home.

While my goal is always organizational perfection, I am also a realist. Sometimes perfection is not possible and we cannot let that truth stop us from taking positive steps forward and doing the best we can. Taking the time to put some order into your chaos will pay off when you decide to take your next step toward perfection.

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