Part Three: Goals, Tips and Insights Gleaned from Cheryl's Story

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The initial motivation Cheryl felt to de-clutter grew from a desire to be able to relocate quickly and easily. As she continued through the process some other goals emerged. Cheryl now says she wants:

· To know what she has and where it is

· To have her belongings near her, accessible, in the apartment

· To use her storage closet for seasonal-use items, not apartment “overflow”

· To decide what happens to her possessions—not leave a mess for others to deal with someday

Keepsakes from high school and college—as well as an extensive collection of Royals bobble-heads, t-shirts, and game memorabilia—were some of the most difficult things with which to part. To help with these items, Cheryl displayed all of her Royals gear prominently in her apartment and enjoyed seeing it through her daily comings and goings. After about three weeks of this, she felt ready to let it all go. She just kept coming back to the idea that she wants everything she actually uses to be easily accessible; these items were taking up valuable storage “real estate.”

Mindset shifts can be unpleasant. Be kind to yourself.

Be prepared as you begin your own organizing project that the mindset shifts can be unpleasant at times. For example, Cheryl reports that a biggie for her was admitting some of her purchasing decisions had not been smart; she had to forgive herself for those mistakes and let go of the items from the poor choices. She says, “Now I really think about what I bring in my home—do I truly need or want this? Because if I don’t, I do NOT want to have to deal with it down the road.”

After our initial work together early in Cheryl’s de-cluttering process, I come over about once a year for follow-up coaching, which includes:

· Giving her permission to let go of things

· Challenging her mindset around what possessions truly matter to her

· Holding her accountable to the goals she sets for herself

One of her favorite questions that I often ask is, “How many [fill in the blank] does one person need?” She laughs now when she remembers me asking that about the plethora of sheet sets she owned for only one bed!

This has been a process, not a quick-fix. There have been easy victories and dig-deep challenges. But Cheryl has no regrets and appreciates her new attitude about stuff. Believe it or not, in the six years of de-cluttering she has never once wished she had something back that she has given away.

“My life is simpler now; it just feels easier. I know what I have, I like what I have, I use what I have, I know where everything is, and I can easily access it all. The space I live in has what I need and functions well for me. I’ve loved this process and feel so proud of myself for all I’ve accomplished.”

Each home organization story is unique, but the success stories are unlimited. You can create a space that functions well for you, too. Let’s talk about what that looks like during a complimentary “Let’s Get Started" session.

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