National America Recycles Day: November 15

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

While I am all about de-cluttering things that are no longer serving a purpose in our lives, we must do so responsibly. It's pretty easy to find places to donate clothing and home goods, but what about trickier items like computer cables, eyeglasses, and fabric notions that seem to have no use for anyone? Check out these options!

​Hazardous Materials:

In most cases you will not be charged a fee for recycling, but you may need to schedule an appointment for drop-off. Check the sites below for details and accepted materials:

>Johnson County:

​>Kansas City, MO--both North and South of the River:

​>Wyandotte County:

Health Care:


​>Prescription Medications: CVS and Walgreens locations will help you with a mail-in medication return program. Also, check with your local police station--most have a no-questions-asked collection program.

​>Equipment, such as crutches, CPAP machines, hearing aids, wheelchairs and more:

>Exercise Equipment:

Around the House:

>Stamp Collections: Find an authorized and reputable dealer near you to appraise/purchase your collection:

​>Mattresses and Box Springs: To donate a gently used item:

For items with no useful life left in them:

​>Hard Plastics, such as lawn chairs, buckets, etc:

​>Cosmetics and Hygiene Items: City Union Mission: 1229 E 63rd St, KCMO

​>Fabric, Sewing Notions and Crafting Materials:

>Wedding Dresses:

​>Musical Instruments:


>Wine Corks:


The tricky thing about electronic equipment is that not all recycling centers dispose of the items responsibly. Experts in the industry estimate that more than 50% of electronics end up in a village in China or Nigeria. In other cases the items are taken apart by prisoners with no protections from toxic parts. ​Quality recyclers will accept most anything from old VHS players (and sometimes even the tapes) to computer monitors, cell phone parts to e-readers, toner cartridges to charging devices. Even that collection of mysterious cables you've been accumulating! Fees may apply for certain items.

Find an e-Stewards certified company:

Got Something That Isn't on This List?

Visit for even more options and call me for guidance, assistance and cheerleading to help you get all that stuff out of your house!!

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