My Very-Most-Favorite-ist Storage Container: Why I Love It and Where to Use It

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The black plastic bin below is my first choice for practicality; the white earns second place, only because it doesn't have cut-out handles. If beauty is a high priority, any of these baskets will do the trick. You just have to get a bit creative with labeling, as a traditional stick-on label will fall right off the wicker material.

Here's why the black one is my go-to storage resource:

  1. Open-topped so you can quickly take out what you need and you'll be much more inclined to return those items without a lid to get in your way (you also can store taller items in a bin without a lid)

  2. Easy-grab handle helps you pull it off an upper shelf to access the contents

  3. Sturdy, with a solid spot above the handle so you can label what's inside

  4. Comes in a variety of sizes and, while you can always get it in black or white, sometimes you can find it in bold and bright colors

Anywhere you have shelving in your home these baskets will make organization quick and functional. See how these will leave your pantry chaos behind and make it efficient for everyone in your family? The blue/gray baskets have turned a laundry/mud room from a dumping ground to tidy and manageable. In a clothes closet these are great for jammies, work out gear, scarves, and hats; you can put a smaller size of the plastic bins in a dresser drawer to contain socks or lingerie. Your jaw will drop when you see what mixing and matching different sizes of these gems can do to your linen closet! You will always be able to put your hands on what you need--first aid supplies, medications, extra hygiene products, washcloths, cleaning supplies...the possibilities are endless!

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