Looking for a place to start with organizing? Start with your personality!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

When it comes to organizing, we all do it differently. Knowing where to start can be the most difficult part. If you're looking for a place to begin, this quiz from the team at Time to Organize can help determine your organizing personality. The results will help assess where you are with your organization skills and the steps needed to take to get organized.

Pencils ready? Go!

1. When family and friends come to visit, you feel:

a. Pretty good. You’re happy to have guests to your home, even if they drop by unannounced.

b. You love having people over, but in order for them to sit down, you sometimes have to clear a chair of clutter.

c. You visit other people at their homes rather than let them see your clutter.

2. Your garage:

a. Is an organized space that serves its purpose well.

b. Your car fits, but everything else is a mess.

c. You have everything but the kitchen sink (and your car) in there.

3. If you needed to locate stamps, you’d find them:

a. Organized in your bill paying center, where you keep the checkbook, bills, & envelopes.

b. You know you bought some a few weeks ago…now, where are they?

c. You have to run to the post office or gas station each time you need a stamp.

4. When looking at the amount of “stuff” you own:

a. You feel content. You get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful, or loved.

b. You have some clutter you don’t need or want, but don’t know where to start.

c. You have so much “stuff” that you can’t find what you need when you need it.

5. In your purse, you’ll find:

a. Wallet, lipstick, comb and keys.

b. All of the above, plus old receipts, crumpled tissues, ticket stubs, and cracker crumbs.

c. All of the above, plus more. It weighs so much you get a backache lugging it around!

6. When you look for your keys:

a. You know right where they are—they go in the same place every day.

b. You toss them down as you rush through the door—they sometimes get lost in a mound of clutter.

c. One day you spent an hour looking for your keys, but you found your lost eyeglasses instead!

7. When paying bills:

a. You have a set spot for bills and pay them twice a month.

b. You make a few trips around the house to locate stamps, bills, and checkbook.

c. You usually pay them when you receive the second or third “past due” notice.

8. Reflecting on your day:

a. You enjoyed some private time to do yoga, enjoy a cup of tea, or read the paper.

b. You have so much going on, that you were barely able to make it to this workshop.

c. You spend so much time attending to everyone else in your life, that you don’t leave any time for yourself.

9. If a friend peeked in your closet, she’d discover:

a. An organized and useful wardrobe. If you haven’t worn something in a year, you give it away.

b. You love to shop and your closet is packed full! But you don’t have the patience to clear it out.

c. You never use the closet—your clothes are in piles around the bedroom.

10. At the end of the day, you feel:

a. Satisfied — you could see the big picture and accomplished many things in an efficient manner.

b. You got a lot done but stalled out on some of the “big picture” tasks. You hope you can get going tomorrow.

c. You gave a lot to everyone else but need to get yourself organized soon.

Quiz Scoring

Give yourself:

* 1 point for every A

* 2 points for every B

* 3 points for every C

Your score _________

1-11: You’re totally on top of everything. You can think on your feet because your mind is clear, and your surroundings are organized. You know that simplicity is the key when it comes to organization and overcoming obstacles. To maintain this state of bliss, remember that you always need “a home for everything, and everything in its place.” Continue to stay on top of clutter by refusing to let it accumulate. If you must buy, establish a “new item in, old item out” system where some purging takes place before shopping.

12-20: You have some doubts about your current organizational style. You can get out the door on time, but have a hard time managing all the to-dos in your life. If you prefer to live in the here and now, break larger projects into bite-size pieces that you can tackle in 30-minute increments. You’ll be able to get going today, rather than stalling out as you freeze at the thought of huge tasks. Use a planner or notepad to jot down tasks and due dates. This will help you clear your head and get a plan in order. Remember, each room in your home has a specific purpose, so try to store household items where you use them. This will save time and reduce stress.

21-30: Your state of disorganization is costing you time and money. A professional organizer can help you get your life back on track! Allow yourself to release unloved or un-useful gifts from well-meaning friends and family. Find a good home for your cast-offs, such as a local women’s shelter or other non-profit group. You’ll feel great about donating to a cause close to your heart! Recognize that you need to make time to declutter and get organized. Once you make it a habit, you’ll soon discover more time for yourself.

Did your score surprise you? If you're wanting to make real organizational changes in your home, contact me for a complimentary "Let's Get Started" session. We'll discuss how you can change your space - and score - for good.

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