Hooray! ScrapsKC Will Begin Accepting Donations Again on May 19

There are many reasons to love and support ScrapsKC! The work of this organization benefits a variety of populations:

  • Teachers, Artists, Crafters, Scouting and Church Groups by selling low-cost classroom and project supplies and offering creative camps and classes.

  • People Experiencing Homelessness by offering them a place to work, meals for their hungry bellies, survival items to help them be safe and healthy, dignity and a sense of community.

  • Folks Like You and Me who have excess and want to get items we don't need into the hands of someone who will love and appreciate our stuff.

  • The Environment by diverting literally tons of items from the landfill through re-purposing and re-using what many would consider trash.

Due to COVID19 ScrapsKC has been closed for several weeks and anticipates a large quantity of items to hit the store when they re-open. To help them out, please follow these guidelines:

  • "All donations should be packaged in boxes or bins you do not want back. We will not change out bins for you.

  • General donations should be clean and neatly packed, including packaging small, like items together in clear bags.

  • Textile donations should be neatly folded. Yarn, thread and strings should not be tangled. Notions should be packed in small, clear bags by like items.

  • Clothing and survival donations for our homeless friends should be packaged separately from other donations. We are only accepting summer clothing at this time. Please make sure all gently used items have been washed prior to donating and package small, like items together in clear bags.

  • Donors will be asked to wait in the store while our staff checks your donations. Items that are not accepted will be returned to you or, we will dispose of them responsibly for you for $1.50/pound."

See the full list of materials they will accept here. Be sure to look closely at the list of items they accept but have an abundance of (and therefore not taking) at the present time.

Under normal circumstances you can drop off donations anytime during their regular business hours; however, for the near future you must have an appointment, which you can schedule here.

Please consider supporting this incredible organization through in-kind and monetary donations. Stay safe and well, my friends.

Follow ScrapsKC on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/scrapskc/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/scrapskc/.


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