Home organization: there's a label for that

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Setting the scene

Imagine this: an area of your home is frustrating you with clutter and constant mess. So you set aside time to finally tackle the chaos. You take everything out of the space, evaluate each item and give away those you no longer use. You purchase pretty containers. You spend hours making the space look great and breathe a sigh of relief. You are sure THIS time the organization will last.

Life gets busy and a few weeks pass. You forget what you had in mind when you organized the area, and the next thing you know your blood pressure rises again every time you look at that space. You hang your head in defeat and wonder why you can’t ever stay organized. You resign yourself to living with disorder and daily aggravation for the rest of your life.

But, wait! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Two home organizing principles that are important to keep in mind are 1) sometimes a new system just needs a little tweaking to take it from failure to fantastic and 2) all systems need to be adjusted as life and circumstances change. Your new organizational plan might just need a minor adjustment.

There's a label for that

Before you even head down the road of altering what you’ve done, consider labeling containers and shelves for a brief period. If you had been living in disarray with things stored in random places throughout your home, and now have items stored together, it’s certain to take awhile to remember how and where you consolidated various categories of things. If you dramatically altered how you use your storage space, you need to give yourself time to learn your new system. Learning and remembering is so much easier with labels.

One of my clients has a long, narrow walk-in clothing closet. We sorted her clothes into categories such as workout, pants, shirts, jackets, special occasion, seasonal, etc. Even though she didn’t have a great system before our work together, she kind of knew where things were. To get the most efficient use of the existing hanging rods and shelving, we completely rearranged everything.

To maintain the organization we created together she would need to remember what we were thinking that led to the current arrangement and the various categories. On a tired, rushed morning or in the midst of putting away several loads of laundry, that can be a lot to expect from a brain! So we put labels right on the rods identifying the category in a section. After a few months she realized she had this new system down pat and removed the labels.

Making the most with labels

Most of our home storage is hidden behind closets, cabinet doors and inside drawers. Labels may not be pretty but in these spots few guests will ever see them. You can buy a label maker from an office supply store; if you’re crafty you can create beautiful and artsy labels; or you can write the information on scrap paper and attach it with scotch tape.

Get creative with your home organizing labels!

The point is to help your organizing efforts be successful in the long-term. Labels are a temporary stop in that journey. If you're ready to talk about the next step in your organizing journey, send me a note so we can get started with a complimentary session.

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