Create the space you want by getting control of the paper monster: Jen's Video Series Part 5

Updated: Feb 12

A new year is just around the corner and with it the sense of new possibilities. It is the time of year many of us commit to a resolution, of wanting to create new habits and fresh starts. Often times, though, those resolutions fail without a plan, accountability or partnership in making it happen.

This week my conversation with Jen continues as we discuss what she learned from the process of de-cluttering her home. I know we can all relate when she discusses the "paper monster" here. We've all had stacks and stacks of paper to go through and it can be intimidating. Jen shares how overwhelming it can be - especially with receipts that go back to the 1960s!

If you're ready for a fresh slate in 2020 and would like help taming the paper monster, contact me. Let's create the home you want in the coming year - with fewer monsters and more joy.

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