Break the Clutter > Depression Cycle

De-cluttering and organizing your home will do a whole lot more than open up cabinet space or rid your home office of paper piles. Clutter impacts your self-esteem, your energy level, your mental focus, and so much more. This graphic is a great illustration of the ways too much stuff feeds depression...

I understand! Depression and feeling overwhelmed can be truly paralyzing. But there is hope for breaking free.

First, give some thought to what makes you happy. Nine times out of ten, people's answers have nothing to do with possessions. Meaningful relationships, activities with family and friends, hobbies, a job or volunteer work that contributes something to the greater good of the world--these are the things that bring most of us true joy.

A list of what really matters to you can motivate you to dip your toe into the process of purging items that have served their purpose in your life. By opening your physical space you also free up mental space to focus on the people and things most important to you. As you begin to get some of the clutter out of your home, you will find your mood lifting a little. The lessening of the weight of depression will increase your energy level so you can start to again do some of the activities you love. Having a bit of fun in your life eases the depression some more...thus giving you even more energy and motivation to keep working on the clutter situation.

See where I'm going with this? Just as clutter and depression can spiral downward, they also feed off each other in an upward, positive way. Yes, it will be challenging and yes, it may take a long period of time to get your home in the clutter-free shape you desire. But I promise it will be worth the effort. There is freedom and joy and goodness on the other side of clutter!

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