Amy's Story: Persistence, Not Perfection, Will Achieve Home Organization Goals

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Often when we work to make big shifts in our lives we become impatient with the time it takes to see solid results. When I decide I’m ready for change I want it NOW! But with home organization, the fact is your clutter and disorganization didn’t happen overnight and you’ll have a journey to walk to create the calm and peaceful home you desire. To stay motivated and energized it is important to notice and celebrate small victories along the way. An email I received from a client* illustrates this positive attitude:

“Subject: So...this happened...

We had the party today. The kids and I spent a couple of hours this morning getting the place ready. Mae's Delivery Service (with her little shopping cart) was actually quite effective as a means to deliver the things you had categorized in the dining room to their respective places (or at least to the right room). And I took some space in Luke's closet for the Christmas and Easter decorations. Yes, that's becoming a catch-all closet and that will need to change in the near future, but it doesn't need to change right this minute.

So at party time the entry way and dining room looked remarkably good. The living room was breathing a bit due to the empty space where the Christmas bins had been and the cleared drop-leaf table. The kitchen had half a sink of dirty dishes and some trouble spots, but was usable, and the living room likewise had some trouble spots but was livable. But, to your challenge, about 90% of the stuff had been "put away" rather than "dumped in a room" (I fully confess that 10% of things were dumped).

We had three adult guests and one of them hadn't been here before. I had this whole speech planned out for the new guest about how I would like to tell her differently but I had too many eye witnesses who could vouch that this is how my house always is, and in fact that it looks better than it has in months...

Do you know, for the first time in as long as I can remember, it didn't come up? The new guest came in and COMPLIMENTED me on my house several times. She noticed the paint colors and the art work on the walls. She said she loved the place...loved the feel of it. I said nothing negative about the place at all, but rather just thanked her for her compliment. I didn't give a disclaimer. I didn't explain the mess. I didn't apologize. The discussion about the house was one of joy, not of explanation. That hasn't happened in a long time.

So, despite my impatience, I know we ARE making a difference and I think we are starting to turn a corner. Just thought I would let you know!”

A cluttered past and a slow pace don't define you. Persisting in your efforts to organize your house

indicates you'll do what it takes to create the home that serves you.

*Names have been changed and identifying features omitted to protect my client’s privacy

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