Life is a Series of Stories:
Does Your Home Support the Story You Are Living Now?

"When I walk through the door at the end of the day I feel like my home hugs me!" -Sherrie, Lee's Summit

With more than 20 years of experience working with people from all walks of life, Joanie understands a disorganized  home often causes feelings of shame, guilt, grief, overwhelm, confusion. 
In addition to her expertise, Joanie brings empathy, humor, positive energy, and absolute confidentiality to your situation. She will encourage and educate, never judge or criticize.
Joanie's Story:
"I grew up with a pack-rat mother and a minimalist father. My poor dad was never able to park his car in the garage because my mom had it packed full of stuff! As a child I loved to organize my things, as well as help my mom keep cabinets and drawers around the house in order. 
In my early thirties, searching for a career change, I will never forget the moment I learned that organizing homes was a profession! It marries two things I am passionate about—helping people and organizing.
Parenting three boys brought lots of noise into my life and LOTS of STUFF into my home. Being organized helped keep the chaos under control.
Now my boys are mostly-grown, so there is more space in my home and in my life to discover who I am and how I want to live this next chapter of my life. I love that I have more time and energy to give to my clients. 
I find it fun to get to know people, exciting to help them create room to breathe so they can uncover their passions and purpose in life, and thrilling to work  beside my clients to create a home that supports the next chapter in their life story."
Ridding your home of physical clutter will:
  • Open your space to new life
  • Open your mind to new ideas
  • Open your heart to new possibilities


"I am saying 'No' to some of these old projects so there is room in my life to say 'Yes' to new ones that feed my spirit now. I would never have made this much progress by myself. Thank you so much for your help."  

-Susan, Empty Nester and Crafter

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